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I am highly specialised in complex tax cases, and can provide legal counsel to any business or individual on matters such as tax structuring, procedure review or providing a second opinion. More specifically, I am happy to assist with succession planning, start-up businesses, transfer pricing cases, shipping company tax issues, relocations, business to business transactions and all other types of transactions that include tax considerations. I am happy to cooperate with other consultants. The consulting can typically be broken down into three types: planning, risk assessment and tax litigation.


Avoid surprises

Good planning provides budget security. It is therefore essential to calculate accurate tax obligations in the budget from the start. I can identify tax-relevant consequences from different activities or transactions, select the safest option and secure the right agreements with the relevant documentation in place. Thereafter, I monitor the process from the sidelines to ensure that things move along as they should while you have peace of mind.

Risk assessment

Have you overlooked any tax?

Sometimes – during due diligence, for example – a tax charge that has not been budgeted for arises unexpectedly. In these situations, I can assist by identifying the associated risk, procuring the necessary documentation and establishing possible remedial actions. I can assist by providing a legal analysis, bringing the matter into compliance or by reaching out to the Danish Tax Agency with the correct documentation.

Tax litigation

Winning the tax case

If the authorities notify you of their intention to carry out a tax audit and/or of a possible tax charge increase, it is crucial that you receive competent advice immediately. Swift action, pro-active and informed dialogue with the Danish Tax Agency will increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. I can assist by tenaciously leaving no stone unturned until I find the documentation that can ensure the best outcome. I am happy to help with the administrative proceedings at the Danish Tax Agency and the National Tax Tribunal as well as any legal proceedings in the courts.


Use your own employees

Naturally, it is always the people within the company who know the company best; corporate tax departments and their personnel handling day to day compliance and other tax related matters are often highly competent. By making use of my 20 years of experience as head of various tax departments, a collaboration with the company’s own personnel can close both large and small tax cases with limited use of external consulting. This collaboration can help ensure a quicker and better result, reduce costs and provide increased checks and transparency. I am happy to share my knowledge, and this collaborative model can help to extend expertise within the company while directing focus on necessary day to day compliance arrangements. Such collaboration can reduce the risk of future challenges by the tax authorities. My modus operandi is not to usurp your tax department, rather to work alongside it, bringing my specialist expertise and experience to bear as effectively as possible. At an initial meeting we can determine whether this type of collaboration could be appropriate for your company’s needs and, if so, we can discuss how best to move this.